Small Format Interchangeable Core with keys (SFIC)

$ 64.42
Small Format Core with keys SFIC

*Note that not all options on the right are required. Select only the ones that you would like. Please select your keying style, and the rest of the options can be left blank if you wish. 

These are Small Format Interchangeable Cores (SFIC), with operating keys and control key included. Can be keyed different or keyed alike, or blank. Comes with keying, no extra charge. 

Learn more about Interchangeable Cores

There are many manufacturers of Small Format Interchangeable cores, which are all the same size and all operate the same way. It is not necessary for you to choose a particular brand, but Schlage is the default because we've found Schlage to be most popular and reliable. If you decide to switch SFIC brands in the future, other brands will also fit into the same housings. 

These cores can be inserted into both Rim and Mortise SFIC Housings.

The control key that will be included is the key that you use to insert or remove the cores from their housings. The control key is necessary to keep in storage after installation, and is not necessary for daily operation of the locks. Regular operating keys are also included in your purchase. 

SFIC's will be in satin chrome finish, unless specified otherwise at checkout. Keying included.

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