Sargent B 10-Line Lever Set (Grade 1 Heavy Duty)

$ 403.20
Sargent B Lever Set
This Sargent B lever set is a 10-line Lever with Grade 1 ANSI Function, 2-3/4 Backset and 4-7/8 Strike. Satin Chrome Finish (626 or US26D) is the standard finish and is always in stock.
The L locking lever set can be ordered in several common configurations:
  • Passage Function (ANSI 75): Both levers are always unlocked
  • Privacy Function (ANSI 76): Push-button locking from inside. Outside can be unlocked with a small screwdriver. Turn inside lever or close door to release button.
  • Office/Entrance Function (ANSI 82): Push-button locking from inside. Outside lockable with a key. Push-button locks outside lever until it is unlocked with a key or by turning inside lever.
May be found using the following product codes:
28-10U15 GB 26D

28-10U15 LB 26D
28-10U65 GB 26D
28-10U65 LB 26D
28-10G24 GB 26D
28-10G24 LB 26D

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