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Because we only sell locks online, only to professionals -- you only get the best prices and only the best service.

If you're a door or partitions installer, door manufacturer, furniture dealer, facilities manager, general contractor, building engineer, hardware company, or locksmith, you're in the right place.

First & foremost, this site is designed to get you what you need as quickly as possible so you can get back to work.

We're familiar with all major hardware brands so you don't have to be. The OpenLocks.com staff is trained in lock compatibility so we automatically include the correct collars, cams, and keys with your order.

Just go ahead and place your order using our easy checkout, then we'll follow up to confirm details if necessary, at no extra cost. 

New customers get 10% off of list price by entering the code SIMPLE at checkout. Repeat customers get even better discounts depending on volume ;-)

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Even if it's your first time ordering locks wholesale, no worries! Some quick rules of thumb:

  • For doors with the lock separate from the lever, choose Mortise. For doors with pulls choose Rim. For standalone deadbolts choose Rim. If the lock is in the lever/knob, email us a photo of the lever at locks@openlocks.com and we'll advise on the correct lock to get.
  • Quickest solution: classic cylinder. You'll get a great lock by default (we only stock high quality commercial-grade brands).
  • For Mortise, just tell us your lockset hardware on the product page. We'll make sure the lock is compatible!
    • For Rim, you can even skip this step :-)
  • No worries about selecting any other options from the drop-downs if you don't want to.
  • Last but not least: if you have a spec or product code, copy/paste it into the comments box before ordering and we'll be sure to match it exactly.
  • For the vast majority of commercial projects, what you need is in the list of wholesale locks & cylinders below. Looking for a less common item? -- Use the green 'ask' button below and we'll get it for you.