The Easiest Way to Get Locks for Glass Doors

If you build glass partitions & doors for offices, this store was literally built for you.

We've worked with dozens of glass wall companies (scroll all the way down), and heard over and over how much of a hassle it was to supply locks for commercial interiors. We knew there had to be an easier way.

But since most of you come from architecture, design, or furniture backgrounds, not construction, we don't expect you to practically become a locksmith overnight. That's where we come in -- we know locks so you don't have to.

Whether you're a manufacturer or dealer, our mission is to make it easy, fast, and reliable to include locks (or just housings) for your glass doors, so that you can get back to bidding on new projects and managing installations. 

For the vast majority of commercial glass doors in North America, all you need is in the list of glass door locks below. For anything more specialized, just ask us and we can get it.

    New customers get 10% off of list price by entering the code GLASS at checkout.  Repeat customers get even better discounts ;-)

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    Some quick tips if you're not sure what to pick:

    • For glass swing doors choose Mortise cylinders. For glass sliding doors choose Rim cylinders.
      • Levers = Mortise
      • Pulls = Rim
    • Simplest solution: classic cylinder. You'll get a great lock by default (we only stock high quality commercial-grade brands).
    • For Mortise, just tell us your lockset hardware on the product page. We'll make sure the lock is compatible!
      • For Rim, you can even skip this step :-)
    • No worries about selecting any other options from the drop-downs if you don't want to.
    • Last but not least: if you have a spec or product code, copy/paste it into the comments box before ordering and we'll be sure to match it exactly.

    If you or your competitors are in this're in the right place:

    • Adotta
    • Allsteel
    • Alur 
    • Avanti
    • Carvart
    • Clestra
    • CR Laurence
    • dHive
    • Dirtt
    • Dorma
    • Faram
    • Haworth
    • Infinium
    • Inscape/Acme
    • IOC
    • KI
    • Klein USA
    • Maars
    • Metrowall
    • Modernfold
    • Modernus
    • Muraflex
    • Nello Wall
    • NXTwall
    • PC350
    • PK-30
    • PRL Glass Systems
    • Skyfold
    • Sliding Door Company
    • Steelcase
    • Tag Wall
    • Teknion
    • Transwall
    • Verde
    • WB Wood
    • Wilson

    And you might be using glass-mounted door hardware from:

    • (Your own proprietary hardware)
    • Corbin Russwin
    • CR Laurence
    • Dorma
    • Forms+Surfaces
    • FSB
    • PBA
    • PRL
    • Rockwood