Use Temporary Construction Cores on your Job Site

Construction Core
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Construction cores are a special type of interchangeable core designed for temporary use on construction sites.

General contractors use construction cores to keep their construction site secure, while making the handoff to the occupant easy and safe.

While you might not want random people walking into any area, members of your crew need partial or full access. But, you can’t install the final locks early and give your guys the keys that the tenant will be using... 

Temporary construction cores are an affordable stand-in so you can lock up, but all you have to do when the project's over is to switch out the cores with the control key.

Construction cores need to be ordered to match the final occupant will be using, whether Small Format or Large Format. Best small format construction cores are compatible with all small format cores. For large format cores, you'll have to select the brand you want on the product page:

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Construction cores are distinctive because they have their faces painted with a color such as green, black, red, or blue to distinguish them from standard interchangeable cores. On large job sites, you can use two colors to give different groups of people access to different areas.

Construction cores operate just like regular interchangeable cores, using a control key for installation. One main difference is that they will all be keyed the same per order so, for example, a construction key that opens a green construction core will be able to open any other green construction core on site. Because they are distinguished by their characteristic colored and logo-less faces, at the end of construction you can easily swap them out for the cores that the tenants will be using.

So, you have a secure job site during construction, no-one gets the keys that the final tenants will use, and it’s easy to make the swap whenever you’re ready, just use the control key.

Some manufacturers have come out with a cheaper but less secure option, which is basically a plastic knob that fits in the housing in order to turn the lock. Sure, it opens doors, but there is no safeguard and anyone can open the door, so what's the point? I guess the upside to these plastic knobs is that contractors won’t use their screwdrivers to turn the cams in order to open the doors, but in general it’s a better option to use construction cores if you have sensitive areas on your jobsite.