Mortise Locks

Best Mortise Lock Series 45H

$ 641.00
Best Mortise Lock

Best mortise locks meet ANSI Grade 1 standards for safety and are built to withstand the rigors of daily use. Series 45H provides maximum security, performance and durability. Cylinders sold separately, For cylinders compatible with this mortise lock, see  Classic Mortise CylinderMortise Cylinder with Interchangeable Core, or Mortise Cylinder Housing without CoreSatin Chrome Finish (626 or US26D).

Available product codes include:

45H0N3H626, 45H7R3H626, 45H7D3H626,
45H7T3H626, 45H0L3H626,
45H7AB3H626, 45H7AB3J626, 45H7B54M626,
45H7A4M626, 45H7A4R626, 45H7D4M626,
45H7H4J626, 45H0L4H626, 45H0N12H626,
45H0N12J626, 45H7A12J626, 45H7R12J626,
45H7TA12J626, 45H7T12J626,
45H7H12J626, 45H7AB12J626, 45H0NX12H626,
45H0NX12J626, 45H7B512J626, 45H7BW12J626,
45H0N14H626, 45H7A14H626, 45H7AT14J626,
45H7A14S626, 45H7R14H626, 45H7R14R626,
45H7R14S626, 45H7D14H626, 45H7D14R626,
45H7T14J626, 45H7AB14J626,
45H0N15H626, 45H0N15J626, 45H7A15H626,
45H7A15J626, 45H7A15S626, 45H7R15H626,
45H7R15J626, 45H7R15S626, 45H7D15H626, 
45H7D15J626, 45H7D15R626, 45H7D15S626,
45H7T15S626, 45H7AB15H626, 45H7AB15J626,
45H0N16J626, 45H7A16H626, 45H7AT16J626,
45H7R16H626, 45H7D16H626, 45H7D16J626,
45H7INL16J626, 45H7AT17RH626, 45H7AT17LM626,
45H7TA17RH626, 45H7TA17LM626, 45H7T17RH626,
45H7T17LM626, 45H7H17RH626, 45H7H17RM626,
45H7AB17RH626, 45H7AB17LM626, 45H7BW17RH626,

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