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Mortise Housing (without core)

$ 49.07
Mortise Housing without core

These Mortise Housings accept interchangeable cores, which are not included. If you need cores included (with the part where the key is inserted), check out this page: Mortise Housing with Core

The default for these housings is an opening which accepts Small Format Interchangeable Cores (SFIC). When in doubt, this will be good for you 90% of the time, because SFIC from all brands are the same size. That said, if you have Full Size Interchangeable Cores (FSIC) you'll need to select the specific corresponding brand because each brand's FSIC are different sizes.

The cam / tailpiece you'll get will need to fit your door hardware. If you're not sure which type you need, email us at locks@openlocks.com and we'll help you find out. Or, write us a note in the comments box and we can even provide the two most common cams so you can install the one which works. 


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