Rim Cylinder: Housing with Interchangeable Core

$ 104.00
Rim Housing with Core

*Note that not all options on the right are required. Select only the ones that you are familiar with, along with the way that you would like them keyed. Usually you want them "keyed different", which means that each individual lock you receive will come with it's own unique pair of keys. Comes with keying (LFIC included), no extra charge.  

Rim housings with interchangeable cores included, with control key and operating keys. Small Format Interchangeable Cores (SFIC) are standard (and rim housing to accept SFIC), but if you need LFIC please select it in the options on the right. 

When you order this item, you will get the housing and the core along with keys - everything you need to install your locks into compatible doors. For more information, see our article: Which Locks Work With Which Hardware

If you'd like to purchase housings and cores separately, please visit these pages: Interchangeable Cores & Rim Housings (less core)

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