Corbin Russwin

Mortise Cylinder: Housing with Interchangeable Core

$ 104.00
Mortise Cylinder: Housing with Interchangeable Core

*Note that not all options on the right are required. Select only the ones that you would like. The only thing we need to know is how you'd like the keys to come: each lock with a unique random key (keyed differently) is the most common choice. Comes with keying (LFIC included) no extra charge. 

These are Mortise housings with interchangeable cores included, with control key and operating keys. Includes cylinder collars, which allow them to fit any mortise lockset.

The cam / tailpiece you'll get will need to fit your door hardware. If you're not sure which type you need, email us at and we'll help you find out. Or, write us a note in the comments box and we can even provide the two most common cams so you can install the one which works. Keying included.

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