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When a large group of people need access to a single door, but you don't want to deal with the hassle of keys, what you need is a mechanical push-button lock.

You enter your code, and the door opens. Done. 

These days, electronic locks, remote control, wireless, Internet Of Things (IOT), connected Everything, and all things high-tech are all the rage.

But sometimes you just need a simple solution to a simple problem. 

There is no need to worry about replacing batteries, wiring, wifi, IT troubleshooting, power outages, or carrying around extra keys (or lost or stolen keys).

Remember Occam's Razor: "All things being equal, the simplest solution tends to be the best one."

Think about mechanical pushbutton locks for places such as: "member's only", "executives only" or "faculty only" areas, storage rooms, facility closets, places off-limits to people who otherwise have access to all keys, pool access, gate access, or personal private storage.

In this article, we recommend four of the best options. Like everything else we sell, these are high-quality, tough, commercial grade locks that will last for a very long time in a variety of applications. Here we go:

Our recommendation for most applications is the Kaba Simplex 5000 Series. It's heavy duty and resists magnetic attacks. The code can be easily changed without removing it from the door.

View the product page here: Kaba Simplex 5000 Series Pushbutton Lock. List price: $571

For a pushbutton lock that's still heavy duty but a bit more budget-friendly, look no further than the Lockey 1150 with Marine-Grade satin chrome finish. It's good for all weather conditions and has a slip clutch to resist damage from misuse. 

View the product page here: Lockey 1150 Pushbutton Lock. List price: $410

Perhaps the most ubiquitous pushbutton lock on the market, the Kaba Simplex 1000 series is common, easy to use, and will last almost forever. The downside to this one is that some tests have shown it to be susceptible to attacks with rare earth magnets. If that's something that worries you, we say skip this model and choose one of the others. 

View the product page here: Kaba Simplex 1011 Pushbutton Lock with Knob. List price: $488

The least expensive model on our list is the Lockey 2835. This one's pretty difficult to change the combination on, but if budget is your main concern, this is a perfectly good lock to choose.

View the product page here: Lockey 2835 Pushbutton Lock. List price: $282

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