Is OpenLocks a Locksmith?

OpenLocks Team

Keys Made at Your Local Hardware is an online lock provider, and we are not a locksmith. If you’re locked out of your home or office, you should contact your local emergency 24-Hour locksmith. If you need keys copied, we suggest trying your local hardware store or neighborhood locksmith.

OpenLocks was started by people who understand why ordering locks is so complicated, and wanted to make it easier by sharing that knowledge online on a simple and useful website. We’ve found that while most locksmiths are indeed experts in their craft, locks can be difficult to understand, and a visit to your local locksmith can be filled with complicated jargon. Often times, you may end up just going with what they tell you, without really understanding what you’re getting. While there are hundreds of lock varieties, most people will only need to use a handful in their lifetimes, or there may be cheaper and easier solutions than what is being suggested. At Open, part of our mission is to democratize the knowledge of locks, so that it’s easy to order your own locks and find the items you need to keep your building secure. While Open is not a locksmith, Open is a lock expert, and an affordable supplier of locks.

All Kinds of KeysWhen most people think of a locksmith, they’re focused more on their own experience with accessing a space: an individual is locked out and needs to enter their building (lock picking); locks need to be keyed (master keying); locks need to be installed changed (ordering lock hardware), or keys need to be copied (duplication). Sometimes a locksmith will control all the keys in a building, in which case they will require all locks in the building to be of a certain type - if you encounter this situation and not sure which locks to get, feel free to email us and we’ll guide you through it. While Open cannot help you with copying keys, getting locked out, or changing keys - we can provide cylinders, keys, and pre-configured master-keyed keys.

Full Service Locksmithing ShopLocal lock specialists offer a valuable service on the streets of every town for emergency situations. They can get you into your building so you’re not stranded, and switch locks for you in a pinch if you need it. If you are ordering large quantities of locking hardware for a commercial or residential building project, these types of services are generally difficult and expensive to purchase from. Open aims to be your provider of locks and lock hardware, and since every lock that we offer is mass produced by common lock manufacturers, they can be easily serviced by any local locksmith. We can also provide locks keyed however you want, with master or grand master keys.

Open sells locks and keys in any configuration you need - if you don’t see it on the site, just email us at and ask about your specific situation.

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